Our Brands

Since our incorporation, we have been unlocking the potential that technology could bring to your business. From high speed connectivity through to resilient systems for ecommerce and telephony, our solutions encompass technology and cyber security. We strive to help start-ups, SME’s and multi-nationals save money while achieving their goals. 

We’ve launched or acquired a number of brands to assist our overall commitment into your business. We can offer you a more comprehensive service, backed by some of the industry leading partners, converging  services into one solution. Complete with our core values, our brands are unbeatable compared to our competitors.


WestNetworks Innovations Limited is a broadband network operator, deploying a range of connectivity technologies. Launched in 2019 with the success of WestwiFi and with the launch of WestFibre imminent. As the name suggests, we innovate by using tried and tested technology to create a hybrid using fixed wireless access and full fibre to create a further reaching gigabit broadband solution. 

Founded in 2019 with £45,000 of investment, we acquired a small competitor and obtained powers from Ofcom under the communications act. Our ability to deploy broadband apparatus in-house anywhere in England using permitted development at local planning authorly level means we’re able to link customers to networks or interconnect networks together. 

This enables our WestWiFi brand to deploy fixed wireless access points streetside, WestFibre to deploy fibre cabling overhead or buried in ducting under pavements and roads and Dark2.net to interconnect networks together – in the wild, creating repeater stations where needed. We are very proud to be a stakeholder and we are fully committed in the funding and sourcing investments required to scale up. 


Nationhost is a server operator providing high-availability, great value for money hosting services. With the hosting industry at saturation point, being a niche provider specialising in IT and communication industry solutions. Complete with unmanaged and managed options, domain name management and comprehensive 24 hour support. 

Nationhost was launched in 2007 as a general web hosting provider, evolving into a VPS and Cloud specialist.  We acquired the brand in 2022 with a £40,000  investment by a partner to create a new cloud core, facilitating our expansion into server hosting. Based in London at the City Reach (DDCL) data center with satellite clouds at West (Newport) Central (6 Braham Street) & East (LD8 – Harbour Exchange).

We’re aiming to be a wholesale server provider, offering carrier class cloud infrastructure to telecommunication operators fora range of services such a SDN’s or VOIP platforms. Complete with a dedicated account manager, itemised billing and comprehensive 24 hour support.  


Badgero.us is a creative design, innovative webdev and prolific web security advocate. We design small yet punchy websites, ecommerce platforms and system tools to better your business, without breaking the bank. 

We started Badgero.us to become our in-house web development team, empowering our WordPress sites with persistent innovation, proactive security and dedicated commitment. We’re able to utilise our strengths and assist your business with your web development needs. 

Whether your building from fresh or securing an existing website, our team is on-hand ready to fight your corner. Complete with a self service portal and comprehensive support channels. 


WestWiFi is a fixed wireless access operator, providing superfast internet access to rural areas on Cornwall, Devon and Somerset. We’re helping bridge the digital divide by investing in a new alternative network built for value for money. 

We launched WestWiFi in 2017 following five years of development. We invested just £3,000 in the first pilot site in Watchet in Somerset – sold out on switch on day. Since then we’ve added more capacity, expanding across Somerset and into Devon and Cornwall. We’ve invested a further £7,000 over the years to bring the brand to where it is today. In 2019, WestWiFi became a trading style of WestNetworks Innovations Limited.


West-Wire is an internet service provider offering managed broadband services over landlines across the UK. Using the BT Wholesale & TalkTalk LLU networks, we’re able to provide unlimited ADSL, FTTC & G.Fast services with unrivaled support.

We acquired West-Wire, along with the idea for WestWiFi from our founder, who setup the brand up in 2005. Being our oldest brand, it has loyal customers who have entrusted their connections with us for almost 2 decades. Initially a reseller, we’ve grown by the quality of our added value services, such as landline features, aftersales care and free technical services such as web and email hosting. 


WestFibre is a full fibre provider, offering gigabit capable services for homes and businesses. Building our own GPON network and partnering with BT Wholesale, TalkTalk Carrier, CityFibre & VM02 to utilise a nationwide gigabit network footprint. 

We launched WestFibre as a full fibre sister brand to WestWiFi – offering another level of speeds – complete with our comprehensive support.  We’re actively looking for funding partners to assist with key, select deployments which benefits homes and businesses missed out by the competitors. Many are eligible for the gigabit voucher scheme and could be covered at a lower than industry average cost per premise due to our hybrid network design and build options. 


Dark2.net provides point to point dark fibre leasing through a number of asset owners. Dark fibre is unlit fibre, already in the ground and waiting to be used. We can provide a unmanaged or managed service and light your fibre to any specification required. 

We acquired Dark2.net to assist our dark fibre assets within WestNetwork Innovations Limited. Dark2.net was launched in 2010 and was acquired in 2019. With a handful of customers across 3 assets owners, we are keen to push this product out to more carriers and altnets. Having the ability to perform streetworks and join customers to fibre networks and interconnect our partners network closer to our customers can create diverse and resilient links, benefiting our customers more than our competitors could. 

Further to our owned brands above, in July 2021, we became shareholders in a number of renewable electricity, fintech and other diverse investment portfolio’s which align with our core values. We also started trading cryptocurrency to further diversify our asset ownership. 

Please note
Hailie Limited is trading as Badgero.us & Nationhost. Registered in England & Wales under number – 08968411. Registered office: 11 Alstone Road, Highbridge, Somerset, TA9 3DT. WestNetworks Innovations Limited is trading as WestWiFi, WestFibre, West-Wire & Dark2.net. Registered in England & Wales under number – 12145094. Registered office: 11 Alstone Road, Highbridge, Somerset, TA9 3DT. Hailie Limited is a stakeholder in WestNetworks Innovations Limited. If you are interested in becoming a stakeholder – Please email investments@hailie.co.uk or call 01278 265 026. We are not investment or financial advisors, nor brokers. Capital can be gained as well as lost, please seek independent advice.